Monday, 4 July 2016

On-Line Audio Transcription Services - The Art of Proofreading

After editing and transcription procedures are complete on a transcription, there is certainly still the significant measure of proofreading. It is not always desired, and sometimes it can add unnecessary cost to the customer so it isn't ran; however customers should still be conscious of how proofreading connects to the audio transcription universe.

This measure should just take a short while to one hour, determined by the length of the transcript. Unlike editing, where the audio must be listened to, generally a proofreader does not need to hear the audio, as they're merely fixing up any remaining errors in the text that is written.

A third party should ideally does proofreading; that's, not the first transcriber nor the editor. Again, a partial strategy is prevented by a clean set of eyes.

The proofreading job is essentially performed by the art of editing, if a transcription was a high quality in the first place.
They should ask their transcription service to proofread the transcripts in case a customer of an online audio transcription service is obtaining transcription of the audio for academicTranscription research or market research. The reason behind that is when content is technical, academic or involves important facts and statistics that must be correctly recorded (such as in focus groups or university/school interviews), proofreading double-checks that silly blunders such as 1,000 instead of 10,000 are not lost. Small blunders can often lead to big variances in understanding the text.

Ask your on-line transcription business about their procedure - you're almost guaranteed a super high quality transcript if it includes proofreading, editing AND transcription. They provide excellent customer service and if their rates are fair, you may have a straightforward decision in your hands! However, as always, please take notice of how important it is to get quotes, compare, ask questions and above all ask even more questions. Your sound is significant and you should be completely assured in how it's going to be managed by the transcribers, editors, proofreaders and spot-checkers along the way.

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